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Welcome to a world of promotional products and business gifts

Welcome to a world of versatile and functional products

Club of Notes business proposition: our credentials

The Club of Notes operates in the style of an international business family, based on a worldwide network of versatile promotional product and business gift producers, specialising in printed solutions based on the unique characteristics, features and product values of repositionable sticky notes.

Based on the unique characteristics of safe and eco friendly adhesive products, the Club of Notes deploys a range of business assets and enhancements to create and produce innovative, distinctive and functional products to meet a broad range of modern business needs.

The Club of Notes listens to its customers, learn about their needs and understands their requirements. Then we deliver customised off-the-shelf promotional products and business gifts or innovative market, customer or product specific business solutions.

Product innovation driven by educational and member programmes

The first

The very first product innovation to emerge from the Club of Notes 'educational' programme in 2011 was the 'Pocket' product. This was created by Sylwester Szymanski, a student at the University of Arts in Poznan, Poland who recognised the value of creating a product format providing convenient access to sticky notes and markers whilst on the move.

Along the way

Branding is a key component of the Club of Notes product concept. Which is why we look at key markets like alcoholic beverages and developed the ‘beer notes’ solution. Here the widely used practice of branding beer glasses by print or glass moulding is replicated on the clear synthetic cover, through which the product image on the sticky note pad is viewed.

We love haptics

The look and feel characteristics of Haptic Advertising provide a perfect platform for the creative output and broad range of production and finishing techniques that are available through the Club of Notes. We love the way in which such solutions combine to reflect product characteristics and stimulate buyers to purchase the promoted product.

Our goal: optimum product functionality with lowest ecological impact

Reliable adhesion is, of course, at the very heart of Club of Notes products.

The Aquatack repositionable adhesive is water based, as are all other functional coatings in the adhesive process. The complete absence of solvents or toxic substances results in sticky notes that are safe and odour free.

We base our sticky notes on sustainable raw material components, waterborne adhesive processes and the creation of safe products 

All paper grades used in sticky note production are based on virgin

or recycled fibres and all grades are available with the option of FSC accreditation. Such material specifications are also available for use in the production of covers and other product components.