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Welcome to a world of promotional products and business gifts

Flags & markers

Paper flags

The simplest, yet most effective page marker product in the Club of Notes range. 4 paper marker sets with water based glue, in a printed paperback cover - the perfect giveaway.

PET markers

5 brightly coloured and durable PET marker sets, presented in a printed paperback cover which provides the opportunity for advertising and promotional messages.

Combi sets

A printed paperback cover into which are inserted printed, paper page markers, together with a set of 5 durable PET marker sets. An effective yet simple promotional product.

Acrylic sets

Custom printed PET markers with waterbased glue, mounted in a similarly customised acrylic paperweight, to create a simple yet stylish corporate gift.

Cover sets

Raising the bar with a set of brightly coloured PET markers, mounted inside a printed dispenser, providing both advertising and promotional content, plus protection for the markers inside the dispenser, ready for use.

Boxed sets

This boxed promotional product provides the dispensing facility for 3 sets of PET markers, plus the opportunity to reflect the advertised product’s packaging via the surfaces of the box.

Dispenser flags

Further demonstrating the flexibility of the flags and markers product sector, this format delivers custom printed PET page markers from a moulded dispenser on a branded mount.

Index 2 go

In an area the size of a credit card, 2 sets of custom printed, PET page markers are dispensed from a custom printed holder. Probably, the most compact promotional product from the Club of Notes.