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Welcome to a world of promotional products and business gifts

Sticky notes

White paper notes

The foundation of the Club of Notes promotional products family. Available in a range of sheet sizes, number of sheets in the printed sticky pads and choice of print colours to create the most versatile promotional notepads.

Pastel coloured notes

From the ubiquitous yellow to a choice of pink, blue and green paper, pastel coloured custom sticky notes are intended to be noticed, even in the busiest office or home environment.

Brilliant coloured notes

Modern vibrant colours create the stand-out basis of promotional sticky pads and page markers that will stand out from the crowd, ensuring that the promotional message always gets noticed.

Transparent paper notes

An innovative twist on the personalised sticky note theme, for applications where the promotional product is required to provide the unique characteristics of transparent paper.

Shaped notes

Whether it’s a shape that reflects your product, or a shape that will simply get noticed, these branded notepads provide promotional products that will hit the spot.

Water based glue

In combination with paper based on virgin or recycled fibres and the option of FSC accreditation, Aquatack water based glue provides a sticky notes solution that is free from solvents or toxic substances.