The Club of Notes business opportunity

The business opportunity


Founded in 1989, the Club of Notes is one of the world`s largest suppliers of printed sticky notes, offering world class solutions in printed promotional products.

The Club is a business concept of the German AMC AG organisation, based on the use of raw materials produced by its Print Inform division, the second largest manufacturer of sticky notes paper in the world.

If you are a printer, read on

The Club of Notes provides its printer members with the necessary resources to service the growing market for printed sticky notes. Equipment, technical, sales and marketing support, together with an annual convention where Club members have the opportunity to exchange ideas and benchmark their performance, are all part of the unique Club of Notes concept.

Printing inksThe Club of Notes Technical Team coordinates the latest techniques and combines with the Marketing Team to inform and stimulate the membership in matters of product innovation and market requirements. All with the aim of continued enhancements in quality and profitability.

The benefits of membership

Membership of the Club of Notes will open up a vibrant, new market opportunity for you to operate in, with access to raw materials not available on the open market, supported by the resources of this unique organisation.

If this sounds like an opportunity your company should be a part of, this section of the site contains a comprehensive range of documentation and information which will enable you to consider and evaluate the market conditions, business requirements and full benefits of membership.

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